I'm through two seasons of Gilmore Girls. It's not a show I feel I need to rip through. I don't stay up to 4am burning through episodes. That said, I do look forward to new ones, I'm just not an addict. But I think this is to the show's advantage. It might be the show's secret, which I'm sure is not a new observation, since I'm so late coming to the series and probably every angle of analysis has already been made. The fact that Gilmore Girls does not have that intensity means that it gives you more time to show you the subtle ways relationships, particularly family relationships, can betray you and shape you and protect you. Those effects don't happen immediately. They grow roots over time, like the show, slowly embedding themselves into every corner of your life. In that sense, I love the way the pace of Gilmore mirrors the point of its story.

You know I'm all about Emily Gilmore and Paris Geller. I also think Lorelai is the worst, in the best way possible. She is unreasonable and selfish but none of her mistakes come out of nowhere. They are exactly the mistakes she should be making.

The weakest part of Gilmore for me though? Rory. I say her name and my instinct is to make a snoring sound. To use an expression that was invented well after the series ended, Rory is a classic nothingburger. Duana assures me that Rory will have some moments and I'm hoping that, my GOD, after 40-plus episodes, Rory better start showing me something because otherwise, she doesn't deserve Paris. Yes. I said Paris. Not Dean (horrible, please make him move away) and not Jess, but Paris, Paris Geller, my precious Paris Geller. If Rory is the Adele to Paris's Beyoncé, she needs to f-cking get to work, Jesus. At this point it's becoming Blair and Serena to me. Blair is everything. Serena is nothingburger too. And I'm predisposed to liking almost all teenagers!

Here are Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel in Berlin yesterday.