LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian met on the set of a tv movie of the week and started f-cking shortly thereafter. She’d been married to a maybe gaybe, he was married with 2 kids.

Us Weekly broke the story a few months ago, the two denied it initially, but last month both ended their relationships and, obviously, feel comfortable enough now to publicly flaunt their love – seen yesterday at a golf course enjoying a full round.

After the infidelity scandal broke, Eddie booked a new job as a series regular on CSI Miami. Great!

As for LeAnn, just posted this article about their golf outing, a very very flattering report about how happy and carefree LeAnn seemed yesterday, how appropriate they acted around each other, and how “loving” the couple appeared to be.

Next she’ll get pregnant, rub her belly all over Hollywood for the paps, and the whitewash will be complete.

Yay for cheating!

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