In case you hadn’t picked up it on over the last decade-plus (if you’ve been visiting this blog that long) or in the weeks leading up to the Games, I am an Olympic junkie. Yesterday I yelled at Duana – on her birthday! – over text because she messaged me during swimming primetime to tell me to turn to the rerun of the Teen Choice Awards to watch some kid play the piano. WTF?????????

Anyway, all I did this weekend was mainline the Olympics. I am now obsessed with women’s rugby sevens. Like am seriously considering offering my water-girl services to the Canadian team because they are so f-cking Hard.Core, it would be an honour to hydrate them. I have four channels going at the same time. I have two phones and a tablet tapped into streaming updates. And the timing could not be better, since we’re on TV hiatus for the next two weeks.

But as devoted as I am to the Olympics, this is nothing compared to Leslie Jones. Leslie Jones’s Olympic Twitter has been one of the most unexpected bonuses of these Games. Remember how amazing her Twitter was when she would live-tweet Game Of Thrones? Now extend that over a period of over 12 hours and even more Olympic events. If you’re f-cking around at work today, you should go back through her timeline and find the tweets where she’s yelling at the f-ckwits running after the cyclists during the road race. Or her tweets during water polo when she doesn’t understand what the hats are for. She is the BEST.

Which is why NBC has invited her to come to Rio.

One of my favourite things that happens during every Olympics, winter or summer, is the NBC hate. Sorry, America, but your Olympic broadcaster is bullsh-t. And you don’t need me to itemise all the reasons why. The NBC hate always inevitably leads to comparisons between NBC and either the BBC in the UK or, closer to the US, the coverage in Canada on the CBC. During Sochi some Americans tried to pay extra for a feed to the Canadian channels and during the opening ceremony (it’s ONE ceremony, stop calling it the opening ceremonies!) this time, already people were bitching about NBC’s one hour delay.

Most Canadians with a cable package have access to both the CBC for the Canadian broadcast and NBC for the American version so we can go back and forth for juxtaposition, which in and of itself can be pretty hilarious. Like last night Jacek and I watched the men’s 4x100 freestyle relay live on Canadian TV and then, after the Americans won, switched over the US feed to listen to how they called it. Rowdy Gaines sounded like he was about to fall out of the broadcast booth. It was AWESOME. And, to be honest, I wouldn’t have changed a single second of it.

But before you Americans get mad at me, I’m not here to pick a fight. I’m here to tell you what you have that Canadians and British don’t: you all have Leslie Jones. Leslie Jones isn’t going to call any weightlifting events for Canada. She’s not going to provide live commentary during the repechage (if they can get those rowing events going) for the BBC. Please imagine Leslie Jones reporting during the repechage. RIGHT?!?

She can and will, however, do it for her home broadcaster, NBC. And if that happens, NBC will be redeemed for at least the next 3 Olympics, at least. If NBC gives us a Leslie Jones Camera for the rest of these Games, NBC will be beyond reproach.