Not that I'm in any position to, on profile, but I would be the worst person to promote baby products. Obviously. I don't do baby culture. In that sense, do you think Lindsay Lohan is the best person to be promoting makeup?

She was out last night in London at a makeup launch for Charlotte Tilbury's Backstage Beauty Booth counter in the Beauty Hall in London. I feel like at a makeup launch, you have to represent the makeup in the most effective way: glowing skin, striking eyes, appealing lips.


Lohan's run on stage in London should be coming to an end soon. Since the beginning, when she kept forgetting her lines after staying out late - click here for a refresher - there haven't been any reports of any f-ckups. Is that a credit to her?

Sure. Of course. By her standards.

Here's how you might describe it:

Since messing up at the start, Lindsay Lohan hasn't messed up (too much) anymore!

Gold stars for Bs and Cs on the report card!