Lindsay Lohan's doing Speed-the-Plow in London. The production is currently in previews. Last night, theatre-goers had an opportunity to see her perform.

There was some laughing. Some of the lines are too close. Some of the lines are too true. But the laughing also had to do with the fact that she had to be prompted. Several times she needed dialogue cues. In other words, she didn't know her lines. Which...understandable?

Everyone gets nervous, right?

Maybe she blanked?

Sure. That's one explanation.

But you remember, she partied a LOT this summer. She was in Ibiza. She was on yachts. She was taking time off. Because she hasn't had enough of that in the last, oh, ten years.

If this is your big comeback though, if this is how you are intending to convince people that you're employable again, that you still have talent, it's not the most convincing first headline to come out about work. Even if the second headline ends up being "Lindsay Lohan is magnificent!", the first headline will still be what people remember. And isn't that what your focus should be? Wouldn't you want to bust your ass to make sure you're at your best? Lock it down for months to learn the script backwards and forwards, pass up the club scene, so that you can give yourself the best chance and so that you can eliminate as much f-cking up as possible.

We all do this, non? Everyone I know who ever had to study for the MCAT or their board certifications, a major presentation, an interview, whatever it is that means something, that requires preparation, what you do is you put off the fun for a while. And then, when you kick ass, then you light it up.

But when has that ever been Lindsay's style?

To her credit, some report that she was charming on stage last night. And that there was a spark. Now, imagine how much BETTER that would be if she actually dedicated herself?