Lindsay Lohan has cancelled her interview with Barbara Walters. Lohan was supposed to be on Barbara to promote Liz & Dick. For about five minutes. Because, please. Barbara will go there. She will go all over there. And Lindsay Lohan no longer has the power to dictate what can and can’t be asked. Almost every other celebrity, even Ashley Greene, can take certain subjects off the table. Celebrities usually own the media. We are at their mercy. Lindsay Lohan however has f-cked herself to the point where she has no say in anything related to media. So, instead of facing Barbara’s inevitable probing -- about why she’s such a loser, about whether or not she lied to the police about not driving her Porsche was she smashed it into a truck, about how much she’s using again -- she’s opted out.

Or, rather, her new publicists have opted her out.

Deadline reported exclusively yesterday that Lohan is now being represented by Rogers and Cowan PR. Though it’s not confirmed yet specifically which publicist at Rogers and Cowan has been assigned to Lohan, for example, Alan Nierob is with Rogers and Cowan and he’s a veteran Hollywood flack who reps people like Robert Downey Jr and Mel Gibson so two points here:

1.This is not a Mickey Mouse firm,


2. As Deadline noted, they are experienced with celebrity scandal and, in particular, how to run a game plan to recover from celebrity scandal.

Lohan is a challenge, no doubt. But they agreed, for whatever reason, to take her on. And their first move in representing her was to advise her NOT to put herself in a position where she might say something to jeopardise her already precarious standing. She doesn’t need to be seen out there, explaining herself poorly. She doesn’t need to be seen out there without at least a few weeks, if not months, of low-lying and serious PR training -- what to say, how to say it, how to not sound like an entitled piece of sh-t f-ck who only thinks of ME ME ME. So, you know, that’ll be a while.

It’s smart, rational advice. It’s advice from a team of professionals, from a group of business experts...and amazingly enough, she followed.

Lindsay Lohan listened.

She told TMZ to report that she’s all sad to disappoint “family friend” Barbara Walters, but she received good advice and she listened to it.
Bailing on Barbara is not a mistake here. Rather, it’s the first good decision she’s made in a long, LONG time.


How long does it last?

Because it can’t last forever.

Rogers and Cowan is gambling that Lindsay Lohan is capable of change. For a short while, perhaps. Long term? Very, very doubtful.

Remember when Lindsay Lohan was the major star of Mean Girls? And now practically every other cast member is more successful than she is, even Janis Ian! And especially...

Amanda Seyfried.

Who plays Cosette.

In Les Miserables.

Attached - Lohan in New York on Monday.