First off...

I LOVE TMZ. Because was the best sh-t I’ve seen in weeks. From that hardass prosecutor who would not relent, to Judge Revel who gave it to her in the end, and of course courtesy of Lindsay Lohan herself, and the tears, and the wailing...

The wailing!

Did you notice that the wailing reached its peak when she found out she couldn’t take off the SCRAM from now until she has to report for jail time? Like THAT is the biggest tragedy of it all. Because she can’t enjoy her last two weeks of freedom without being monitored.

Oh oh oh! What about the part when she was begging for mercy because she was helping the children in Morocco?


And the theatrics as she collapsed onto her lawyer – you need some popcorn for that moment right there.

Comedy aside though, through it all, and on a serious tip, this is what’s most telling:

Lindsay Lohan continued to blame everyone else: it’s not her fault, she didn’t know differently, no one told her, she works hard, she takes responsibility, she respects the court, she’s doing the best she can.

This is not the attitude of a girl who deserves your compassion. This is the attitude of a girl who still feels entitled. This is still the girl who did not return from Cannes because she was having too much fun, who f-cked off to Cannes because she wanted to kick it in the French Riviera in spite of having other obligations. for her at Voyeur tonight. And every night until she gets thrown inside.

If you missed the drama, hit up TMZ.

PS. She was tweaking on something today too, wasn’t she?

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