Mimi and Brett Ratner are in St Barts together. With friends. And people are now speculating that it’s on.

I need you to look these shots of Ratner sandwiched between Mimi and a friend. With his arms linked through both of them. You know Mimi, right? I mean we all know Mimi.

Is that how a Mimi boyfriend would behave around his precious butterfly?

A Mimi boyfriend, first of all, isn’t to be shared. If he’s touching a woman, the only woman he’s touching is Mimi. 

Secondly, he’s hardly supporting her. When you’re the Man of Mimi, you need to have one of her legs hitched around your neck. Elegantly. And you don’t look forward, you don’t look at the ground, you don’t look at the sky, you only look at Mimi. You only have eyes for Mimi. Every move you make is in service of Mimi. You are a Prince, a Butler, a Cheerleader, and Wheelchair, all at the same time.

So if Brett really wants the job, sh-t, someone needs to properly train him. Because right now, he is failing.