Yesterday Marvel announced yet another person to add to the pile of people already appearing in Captain America: Civil War, and it’s Sherlock star Martin Freeman in an undisclosed role. Everyone’s making dog pile jokes and wondering how there could possibly be any time for Captain America with so many co-stars, but let’s be real. All of the superheroes are on board for the hero-on-hero violence that will occur throughout the movie, and people like Martin Freeman are probably in glorified cameos. Every time another casting announcement comes out, I get emails from people worried this movie won’t really be about Cap (“Why not just call it Avengers 2.5 and be done with it!” they rage), but I keep hearing from reliable sources that the movie is very much centered on Captain America and the Winter Soldier.

We don’t know who Martin Freeman will be playing, but I’m guessing it’s someone connected to Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), who will make his debut in this movie. I’ve got the broad strokes of the story down, and everyone involved in the main plot has already been announced. New additions seem more likely to be tied to the subplot revolving around Black Panther. I would LOVE IT, though, if Freeman is playing Captain Britain, who is a real superhero that looks like this:

We’ve just gained the Vision in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one of the weirdest superheroes, and we’re about to meet Ant-Man, one of the goofiest. Why not go all in and introduce one of the most pointless? That would be hilarious.

Freeman is something of a controversial add as he’s known for putting his foot in his mouth. (Click here for more Martin Freeman f-ckups.) Marvel’s recently developed a foot-in-mouth problem, though, so he ought to fit right in. If nothing else, a press tour with Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, and Martin Freeman ought to keep us very busy this time next year. Sebastian Stan will probably win the internet just by showing up and saying “umm” for two weeks straight.