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Earlier this week on The Social we interviewed Will Schwalbe about his book Books For Living. It’s a book about books, books that have changed people’s lives and the stories about the stories that have brought people together. Will told a story about a grandmother who bonded with her grandson after she asked him what he was reading and he said The Hunger Games. So she started reading The Hunger Games and then they talked about The Hunger Games, not as grandmother and grandson but as equal readers. This is why Will suggests that we ask each other, “What are you reading?” more often. It’s a question that will almost always lead to a conversation. And we all need to be talking to each other a lot more.

So…what are you reading? What are you reading this weekend? I’m reading Roxane Gay’s short story collection, Difficult Women, this weekend. Most of you probably don’t need an introduction to Roxane Gay. She is worshipped here at LaineyGossip. But if you’ve never read Roxane before, if you haven’t yet read Bad Feminist, and you’re not familiar with her talent, her energy, her power, her words, Elle this week published one of the short stories from Difficult Women called The Mark Of Cain. It is devastating. It is uncompromising. It is essential. Roxane Gay is essential to me. I need her.

Whose words do you need? Please let me know. I want to share in your need. 

The Year of the Rooster begins two weeks from tomorrow. Yesterday I profiled the Year of the Rooster forecast for those born under sign of the Monkey. Today it’s the Goat’s turn. Or Sheep. For Chinese zodiac purposes, it’s interchangeable.

Roosters and Goats get on well. This should, for the most part, be a stable year. There are two lucky stars guiding the Goat during the Year of the Rooster. One is a work star and the other is a love star. So there may be good luck coming in both your career and in romance.

However, there are also two dark stars in play and they could affect family. These family issues might give goats some anxiety and mute the joy that comes from work and love. It is best then to not lose yourself in the highs so that you might be ready for any possible lows.

1931 Goats will benefit from past savings. Be mindful of falling and hurting yourself. Be very careful when you’re coming and going. In addition to the Injury Alert, there’s also a Swindle Alert, perhaps by someone of the opposite sex. 

1967 Goats are advised to have a big birthday celebration. This is not the year to enjoy a quiet birthday. This birthday, surround yourself with those who love you, their well-wishes can protect you. Julia Roberts is a 1967 Goat. And she also happens to be turning 50 (on the Western calendar – the Chinese calendar is ahead by a year so the Chinese zodiac considers her to be turning 51) during the Year of the Rooster. Perfect time to have a party. Let her know if you can. Attached – Julia out in Malibu the other day.

1979 Goats are lucky in learning this year. You are encouraged to take lessons, to enroll in new programs, with particular focus on the arts. 

For Goats born in 1991, make sure you’re not too distracted by romance. You may be all consumed by your relationships and could lose ground on your career. Do not lose focus on your work and your studies.

Goats of all years may experience a very active love life during the Year of the Rooster. But a “tripping” advisory keeps coming up. So a full medical checkup is recommended at the beginning of the new year.

In February and March you may be annoyed by minor legal matters, speeding or parking tickets, etc. A small setback might arise in May and June and to either avoid it or to minimise it, you may want to consider going on holiday at this time. In November and December, harmless rumours could bother you. Be extra vigilant when signing documents or committing to contracts. And take care of your health.

Next up on Monday: Horse.

Have a great weekend!

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