Last week after his Caribbean tour, Prince Harry flew straight to Toronto without going home to London to see Meghan Markle because it had been 3 weeks since they spent time together. He stayed for a day or two then went back to London for an official commitment. Harry has the love sicks.

Meghan is now in London. According to US Weekly, she flew there on Sunday, is staying with him at Kensington Palace, and yesterday went Christmas tree shopping. Instead of having it delivered, they took it home themselves. According to one of the shoppe employees, they held hands walking back to the car. So imagine the two of them spending Monday night deciding which ornaments go where. At my house, I don’t get to decide which ornaments go where. Jacek is the tree designer. Every year he picks a different colour theme. Last year it was all gold. This year it’s silver and red. After he meticulously places the streamers – vertical, never horizontal – my job is to put the hooks on the ornaments and hand them over to the creative. And I’m not mad at that. It means I don’t have to move from the couch and my Baileys on ice. Also it means I get to control the playlist.

I feel like Meghan’s the creative in this relationship and Harry’s the me.

As for why she’s there, apparently the trip wasn’t planned. They were supposed to go on holiday later this month but US sources say they didn’t want to wait until then and so she flew out to see him before the Christmas break. Intense. Harry and Meghan are still super intense, maybe even more intense now than they were when the story first broke about their relationship. What’s going to happen on this holiday, do you think?