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Filming continues in Brisbane for Thor: Ragnorak, which means yet more photos of Thor and Loki walking around in civvies (I love how, in street clothes, Loki always looks like the older sibling). Now that everyone in Australia knows where they’re filming, crowds are gathering to watch the goings-on, and it seems like the cast is being pretty cool with the crowds. The crowds maybe are having some issues—there’s a Fainter!—but Loki’s been away for a while. His super intense fans have bottled up that energy for years.

New photos also show Anthony Hopkins as Odin—has he been living as a homeless person in New York?—and he actually looks like he’s having fun. I’ve heard stories about Hopkins not enjoying his time on Marvel movies, so it’s a little surprising to see him goofing off with the crowd and not looking like he wants to die. But then again, I keep hearing about how much fun everyone is having on Ragnorak. Long days, sure, but the overall impression is that Taika Waititi is bringing something special to this one, and everyone’s feeling that vibe—they feel like they’re making a good movie.

Speaking of Waititi, let’s take a moment to appreciate that he is a Very Handsome Man. Observe his salt-and-pepper waves. Observe his cheekbones. Observe how he prioritizes giving opportunities to indigenous filmmakers.

Over on Instagram, T-Hidds posted a photo of him and Chris Hemsworth on set, alongside a photo from the first Thor movie, but I’m more focused on the headline on the newspapers: Murder in Times Square – Australian girl massacred while enjoying her holiday.


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That is not going to go over well with Tony Stark and the Officially Registered Avengers. One of the big questions after Captain America: Civil War is what happens when Thor returns. He’s the crown prince of a space empire. You think he’s really going to sign your permission slip?

There’s also a photo, posted by Daley Pearson—who played Thor’s roommate in Waititi’s Comic-Con video—that shows Thor holding a card with Doctor Strange’s address on it.

People are assuming this means that Strange will appear in Ragnorak. It would make sense—Strange is all about magic and the cosmos, which is Thor’s division. And Thor and Strange are both on the front line of the cosmic threat building for Avengers: Infinity War. I reckon they’ll meet sooner rather than later.

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