Megan Fox’s pregnancy buzz will steal all the headlines today, but Amy Adams was at CinemaCon too. The two even posed together, and Amy’s just as worthy of the gossip spotlight. She’s a five-time Oscar nominee, sure, but she’s also giving her career a much-needed reboot with her upcoming projects.

Amy’s at CinemaCon promoting her forthcoming sci-fi film with Denis Villeneuve, Story of Your Life. She plays a linguist and mom who becomes an alien interpreter once they make first contact. The film shot in Montreal last summer and sees her reunite with her American Hustle co-star Jeremy Renner. Jeremy also sang Amy’s praises at CinemaCon:

Variety’s Kris Tapley has picked up the quote too. It’s rich coming from Jeremy Renner of all people, but he has a point.

When Lainey interviewed Jeremy in July for MI:5, he could not stop raving about Denis Villeneuve’s vision. You may not recognize Denis’ name beyond his role in the pending Blade Runner reboot, but you know his work: he helped Emily Blunt embrace her inner badass in the claustrophobic-but-exceptional Sicario (click here for my review from TIFF) and kicked off the weirdo Jake renaissance with the Enemy and Prisoners double-bill. Plus, he has an Oscar nom of his own for directing Incendies, and has a special touch when it comes to working with “strong women.” Give Karine Vanasse’s performance in his film Polytechnique a try. It’s inspired.

And now Denis may give the same against-type boost to Amy. My boss Jen talks about Amy’s rut all the time and she’s not alone in thinking Amy’s often doing the same old, same old. We’ve seen all of her hats – Sexy Amy (American Hustle, The Fighter), Mousy Amy (Her, Junebug, Big Eyes), Scrappy Amy (Trouble with the Curve) – and I posted about her predictable style choices at last year’s Vanity Fair Oscar party too. Click here for a refresher. But she’s finally forcing herself to do something different. She admits it on the red carpet in this interview:

“I was really looking to do a break and chill out and do something fun and light, then this came along… and it affected me.”

So, Denis made her want to push herself and take a risk with an abstract sci-fi film. Similarly, instead of sticking with other safe bets, after filming was finished, she signed on to play the female lead in Tom Ford’s new film with Jake Gyllenhaal, Nocturnal Animals. Tom Ford films, as Julianne Moore can attest, are a Hollywood unicorn.

And that’s not all. Earlier this month, Amy booked a TV gig with HBO, in the Gillian Flynn-helmed series, Sharp Objects, making her the Gone Girl writer’s new muse. It’s yet another risk to take on as she finishes up her DC/WB contract job as Lois Lane. Now, Amy’s positioning herself as being unpredictable, she’s taking chances — and she’s doing it at 41. Whether it pays off for her or not, she’ll still have her five Oscar nominations, and maybe now, finally, she’ll have your attention… and more of your respect.

Her new choices are anything but boring — and are a welcome departure from the Amy Adams we have become all too familiar with.