It’s been a good week for gossip. And we’ve needed it. Remember in yesterday’s open when I mentioned that “there may be another gossip treat dropping soon. Keep an eye out”? This is what I was referring to. The first high quality photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. You can imagine the value. The Sun acquired the photos and the exclusive until Saturday. Click here to see them.

This happened on Wednesday night as Harry and Meghan were leaving Soho House in London, which is where they met, and not in Toronto as has been widely reported. Although there is a Toronto connection because she’s a member at the one in Toronto and made Soho House contacts there who also know Harry from Soho House in London.

Harry and Meghan had dinner inside and were not precious about being seen – just as they weren’t precious about being papped on their way out. I’ve been told by a couple of people that when they saw photographers, there was no attempt to separate, no attempt to be like Leo and run into a trash can. Instead, it looked like Harry held on even tighter, seemingly well aware that these would be the first shots of them holding hands. He did launch a Love Shield in her defence. So it’s time to get used to actually SEEING them together. Before… you know.