Prince Harry attended the BT Sport Industry Awards in London tonight. So the point is – please enjoy these photos of Hot Harry in a tux. The other point is…

How come when he puts on a tux he still behaves as though he’s in jeans? This is meant as a compliment. I’m saying that he’s always so relaxed, so comfortable, and, therefore, seems so authentic, even when he’s there on official business, even when he’s carrying out his “duties”. Have you ever seen his brother look this at ease in a tuxedo?

This, of course, is what we assume Harry gets directly from his mother – that gift of engagement, of being royal and relatable at the same time. Check out that shot of him with his finger in the air, like someone just made a great point and he’s like, YUP. Or like someone just made not so great of a point and he’s like, nah, let me trash talk you right back. A real person.

Of course you could argue that that’s the benefit of being in his position. Without the pressure. Without the expectation. Still, there are others who don’t have that pressure or expectation and don’t wear it nearly as well.