My request to the Gossip Genie was for Prince Harry to hook up with Taylor Swift. Well, reportedly, Harry is, indeed, hooking up with a blonde, and she’s a popstar, but it’s Ellie Goulding. Off target!

According to the UK Sun, Harry and Ellie were at that polo event the other day and hung out all night. The word “canoodling” was used. And they may have been kissing under a blanket. They didn’t end up leaving together though because, supposedly, he had to wake up early to play polo again which...Hot Harry put the brakes on a sleepover because of his morning alarm clock?

Apparently Harry’s told his friends that he’s really into her. But the Sun says that already there’s some handwringing because she’s a celebrity and the Family wouldn’t be down with him dating her. Oh hey, Ellie Goulding, we’ll pay you like staff to perform at our wedding but you’d never actually be IN one of our weddings, mmmmkay?

Are we sure though? Harry talked Her Majesty into doing a mic drop video for social media; he’s been her #1 most reliable, most popular ambassador for a good amount of time since Vegas. Surely she knows it’s a different world now? They ran out of distant cousins to marry decades ago. William married a commoner. How far off can we really be from seeing one of the British royals dating a celebrity?