As posted yesterday, Rachel McAdams was in Toronto at the Four Seasons Wednesday for a business meeting. She then left on her own on her bike. How can you not adore her?

eTalk has the Canadian exclusive photos. And we at the studio have all been remarking – what’s that on her left hand? I hate ring talk just as much as I hate baby bump talk but this is sure to get those lunatic McGoslings going wild…which really is the bane of her existence. As I’ve mentioned before, Rachel is exceedingly uncomfortable with those who wish The Notebook upon her relationship and as such would rather encourage break up rumours than quell them.

But back to the bike – here is one of the most sought after actresses…and she chooses to live at home, away from LA, and casually pedal around town without the assistance of a driver or a personal umbrella handler or a skank ass mother who’s on the payroll.

Love, love, love.

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