Cruel Intentions was on on Saturday night. It’s been a while for me. Jacek had never seen it before straight through. (I KNOW. He spent all the 90s in a bong haze in his room, I swear.) Obviously I didn’t change the channel. There’s not one scene I would change in that movie. Not Selma Blair’s overacting. Not Ryan Phillippe’s hilarious angsty strutting. And definitely not Reese Witherspoon’s smirk as she comes out of the bathroom stall at the end of the film, ready to take down Sarah Michelle Gellar. That’s about as close as we’ll ever come to the real Laura Jean Poon, as Michael K from Dlisted hilariously likes to call her.

Cruel Intentions turns 15 next year. Which, by Hollywood standards, means it’s due for a watered down balls-free remake. That sh-t would never ever fly right now.

There was another movie released in 1999 that I always stop the remote control for: She’s All That, starring SMG’s eventual husband Freddie Prinze Jr, Lil Kim (!!!), Usher, and…Paul Walker. Right about now, Funk Soul Brother.

Check out Reese yesterday out for lunch in a great leather skirt with bare legs under a turtleneck. I love the leather skirt style boom that’s happening this season. And yes, email Sasha at [email protected] and she’ll get all over that.