Rihanna stepped out last night in a green Gucci dress that looked familiar and it’s because Julia Roberts wore it last year:

I didn’t love it on Julia. Rihanna’s styled it better but even she can’t save the weird fit and if she can’t save it, there might not be hope for it.

Anyway, the reason I wanted to post this though was because of her breasts. Not specifically her breasts but breasts in general. Yesterday I wrote an article about the bralet and whether or not there exists a bralet privilege. Click here for a refresher. It was, BY FAR, the most response I’ve received about a blog in months. Many of you, us, are clearly deep into our feelings about our breasts.

Some are anti-bralet. Because you believe they’re not for the generously breasted. Curiously, others who are generously breasted love the bralet because it actually flattens you out. Those of you who are modestly breasted enjoy it because, well, because you can. A small majority of the modestly breasted, however, hate the bralet because it doesn’t do much to enhance an area you think needs help.

One of my takeaways from all of this is that we do not have a standard opinion on how and when breasts look good. For example, I love the way my breasts sit in a sports bra. Like pressed down and kind of one lump. Then my friend Michelle told me that that’s called a “uni-boob” and she’s not into it and neither is Duana. Others prefer breasts lifted and separated so that two clear mounds can be seen under the clothing. Really? Because I’m not down with the mounding.

F-ck. Are breasts really this divisive? What does that mean for women? Is there a breast symposium we can go to to work this sh-t out?