Robert Pattison looked good last night. I think the hair has a lot to do with it. This hair reminds me of the early days of Twilight. Here he is at the premiere of Maps To The Stars which was the gala at Roy Thomson Hall. I was across the street at the Mommy screening at Princess of Wales. For what it’s worth, the hysteria over Benedict Cumberbatch was a lot louder a couple of hours before. What’s the matter, Twi-Hards? Are you going to let those people out-loser you?

Afterwards, we hit up the Maps To The Stars party at C-Lounge. When I got there, Pattinson was out back in a private booth sipping a Don Julio margarita. Julianne Moore had her own booth next to him. And John Cusack was in his own booth too. Later, they all converged in one booth together. Pattinson was with his manager. And the hair was still in good form. He was laughing a lot when I was in the area. Very animated. That’s about all I can tell you because …there was a sushi table. Free food is enough of a bonus. But free sushi? That’s where you park yourself.

By the way, Twi-Hards, because I know you’re still crazy, this is the recipe for that margarita he was drinking.

3/4 oz Don Julio blanco
1/4 oz Grand Marnier 
1/4oz simple syrup
1/4oz fresh lime
Garnish:  Peach wedge + raspberry

Peach wedge! I’m going to throw a peach wedge into everything from now on.