Maybe every post today on the main page is going to be about pants and how men wear them. Here’s Robert Pattinson leaving his place in London this morning wearing really bad ones. Like gross. The colour is sh-t, the fit is sh-t, they’re weird around the crotch, they’re not falling right around the ankle...and I just saw the new Twilight movie the other night and thought he looked (mostly) great the whole time.

Again though, it’s when other people dress him.

There’s a blue shirt they put him in on their way to the honeymoon and it’s the most attracted I’ve ever found him. Also, I think, a pair of khakis worn exactly the way they’re supposed to be. Pattinson even manages to look alright in a beater tank despite having no muscle definition which, I mean that’s quite an accomplishment. So it’s not impossible for him to work some style, casual or otherwise. Just ... maybe not with his own eye.