More shots of Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, joined by Helena Bonham Carter on the New York set of Ocean's Eight. I’m stupid. I was focused on the casting and the story, it never occurred to me that fashion would be a character on this movie since they’re robbing the MET Gala, OMG! Cate was wearing a killer print coat the other day. Today, there’s another great jacket, and accessories, and Sandy’s in an excellent coat too, with a perfect pair of pants. And while HBC’s steeze may not be your particular jam, I am all about those shoes and whatever it is that’s cascading down her blazer.

So far, we’ve only seen these three women but Rihanna is definitely in New York now and part of the production and so is Anne Hathaway (there she is on top of the cab), so it’s only a matter of time, hopefully, before we get shots of their character styles too. Obviously the one to wait for is Rihanna. I think I might love this movie already.