We just saw Margot Robbie in costume as Tonya Harding the other day, and now it’s Sebastian Stan’s turn to show off his Jeff Gillooly look. Spoiler alert: It’s f*cking tragic. It’s so tragic a friend asked me if it was affecting my crush. (No, but this is a trying time, thank you for your support.) We always knew this was going to be a horrendous look for anyone, but you know it’s bad when someone as handsome as Sebastian Stan looks this tragic. The combination of 1990s fashion—HIGH-WAISTED JEANS ARE THE DEVIL—and Gillooly’s truly unfortunate facial hair decisions are doing the most to work against Stan’s handsome. Also, that is a very sad haircut. As in, it makes me very sad.

We’re going to have to support one another through this difficult time of Sebastian Stan Looking So Tragic, with jokes and by reminding each other that in a few months, he’ll undoubtedly be spotted on the Avengers set all decked out in the Winter Soldier’s gear, looking a million times better. We just have to get through the Gillooly tragedy ’stache, and then we can get back to Stan’s regularly scheduled hotness. Which really can’t happen soon enough. He looks like the creepy uncle. You know the creepy uncle. Every family has one.