Serena Williams covers the April issue of VOGUE. I love this photo. I love that Serena Williams looks like Serena Williams. I love that Serena Williams isn’t posing with her tennis racquet or tossing a ball up and down like that’s the only way you’d recognise her. You shouldn’t have to recognise her that way. Because she’s Serena Williams. Serena Williams is a big f-cking deal. One of THE BIGGEST F-CKING DEALS in the history of sport – male or female.

So…why isn’t Serena a bigger f-cking deal?

Can you explain why she earns less in endorsements than her competitors, who don’t win as much as she does and who haven’t been winning as long as she has?

The timing of this cover story is excellent. Serena is just coming off her return to Indian Wells, the first time she’s been back at the tournament since 2001 after the crowd shouted racist insults at her and her sister. If that were me, I’d never go back. And I didn’t want her to ever go back. But I respect her decision to go back – because for her, it’s a time for healing and forgiveness. She’s taken it upon herself to live that message.

And again, why isn’t Serena Williams a bigger f-cking deal?

The best Serena and Venus Williams profile I’ve ever read, and one of the best sports profiles I’ve ever read, period, is John Jeremiah Sullivan’s piece in the NYT in 2012. Click here. It’s essential. Serena is an icon. And this icon is now the first female black athlete to pose solo on the front page of VOGUE. Which, inside, she shares with her best friend, Caroline Wozniacki.


Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss?


Taylor & Karlie are the Serena and Caroline of music and modelling. Only the Serena and Caroline friendship is arguably more complicated because they’re regularly called on to kick the sh-t out of each other on the court. And do. And still giggle about boys and plan each other’s (cancelled) engagement parties…while finding a way to strategise about winning the next time they meet. Obviously Serena has the edge on experience. Because hasn’t she been doing that her whole life with her sister? She loves her sister. She beats her sister. It’s fascinating. What could be more fascinating?

Click here to see more pictures of Serena in VOGUE. And to read the entire piece.