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They aired a feature on Casey Affleck yesterday morning on CBS Sunday Morning. He was interviewed by Tracy Smith and takes her on a walk through Fenway Park, discussing his childhood in Boston, how he enrolled at Columbia University only to return to Hollywood, and how he sees his career – he doesn’t want to be more famous; he’s happy as he is, with acting roles that come to him now and again, leaving the big ass movie star thing to his brother.

But it’s Oscar season. And Casey Affleck is a frontrunner for the Best Actor Oscar for his performance in Manchester By The Sea. And CBS Sunday Morning has become a “serious” stop on the campaign circuit, assuming that those old ass white men who make up a majority of Academy voters watch it over coffee and newspapers. It’s CBS though. Like a proper news outlet. So… did they ask Casey about those sexual harassment allegations?

Mashable was one of the first and only outlets that covered the sexual harassment allegations early on, way back in September, when we were all talking about Nate Parker and his rape trial. I’ve linked to that article several times, probably every time I write about Casey Affleck. In mid-October, after Variety put Casey on the cover and barely mentioned the sexual harassment case, even though Variety’s interview with Nate Parker back in August was one of two Parker interviews that kicked off the firestorm that followed, Mic then posted a piece on Casey, wondering why the accusations against Casey weren’t making more headlines, particularly at a time when pussy-grabbing had become an international conversation. As the writer noted, “The allegations against Affleck are being treated as footnotes in a man's march to an Oscar nomination, while Parker's became a defining, front-page entertainment story. But the difference in treatment almost certainly isn't a coincidence — and it's absolutely worth talking about”. That also went largely unnoticed.


Last week, however, The Daily Beast published a deep dive into the accusations against Casey made by two former female colleagues, Amanda White and Magdalena Gorka, with specific details about how they claim they were treated by him. Casey has always maintained his innocence and the case was settled out of court, but the complaints filed by White and Gorka are disturbing. And, as The Daily Beast’s writer, Amy Zimmerman says, “we have to ask why Affleck’s history continues to be hidden paragraphs deep, or swept under the rug entirely”, especially when Nate Parker’s certainly wasn’t while he too was supposed to be making a run for Oscar. Slate picked up on The Daily Beast’s challenge that same day, countering that even though, “it may feel to some rather trivial to put such serious issues in the context of Hollywood accolades… if the Oscars are providing the platform for these allegations to be openly and widely discussed, then so be it”. Also, as Amy Zimmerman concludes in her article, “by selectively choosing which stars to put through the ringer, the media becomes complicit in this cycle of easy forgiveness and celebrity-related amnesia”.

Unfortunately, The Daily Beast article on Casey Affleck came out right before US Thanksgiving. Not many people were paying attention. CBS Sunday Morning spent all of 5 seconds on the sexual harassment allegations in the piece they aired yesterday. So, as usual, don’t worry. It looks like Casey Affleck will be just fine.

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