Shia LaBeouf and girlfriend Mia Goth were in Germany a few days ago. They were caught on camera in a fight as they were exiting a cab. She was pulling on his bag, asking him to stay. He ended up getting into a car without her with some random sketchy locals who filmed him ranting about how she pushed him to that point. How he would have killed her if other people hadn’t stepped in. Shia’s hand was apparently injured and the driver offered to take him to get it looked at. He ends up at the airport and thanks them for saving his life. Here’s the video which is disturbing:

There are rumours coming out of Germany that Mia was seen the next day with a black eye. So far, there are no photos of this and I’m not sure about the track record of the source, Pure Stars. What we’ll go on then, from this story, is what happened on camera and Shia’s own words:

“I don’t want to touch you. I don’t want to be aggressive.”

Also, “This is the kind of sh-t that makes a person abusive.”

And, “I don’t want to hit a woman, but I’m getting pushed.”

Ah, the abuser’s refrain. The abuser’s favourite chorus. He was antagonised, OK? He didn’t want to but SHE wouldn’t let up, SHE wouldn’t let it go, SHE wouldn’t leave him alone. That’s why victims so often blame themselves. They’ve been told that it’s their fault, over and over and over again. What’s the difference then between Shia LaBeouf and Chris Brown? And we’ve done a lot of dumping on Chris Brown.

Shia’s words? That kind of talk is some manipulative bullsh-t. And whatever other issues Shia has (and he clearly has a LOT of issues), they don’t absolve him of this kind of language, this kind of behaviour, that kind of emotional abuse. The way he’s showing off for a group of men that he can get Megan Fox on Facetime? This is insightful too. Is that what he says to Mia when she’s mad at him? Oh, let me just ring up my hot Transformers co-star with whom I may or may not have hooked up…and now how do you feel?

It’s bullsh-t. He’s a dick. Don’t accept any other headline.