Every year, St Barts hosts celebrities for New Years. Last year Leonardo DiCaprio flew down a boat full of models and partied with Justin Bieber and Robin Thicke. This year Jake Gyllenhaal is there. He was papped on the beach yesterday with Greta Caruso. Jake and Greta have been friends a long time. They’ve been on vacation together before. And now it looks like they’ll be together for New Year’s (unless they come home before that but…ummm…why?!).

Jake and Greta were also together last Christmas so it seems like it’s a tradition for them – to be together for the holidays. A best friend tradition. I wonder though how that works when he has a girlfriend. It’s been a while since Jake’s had a girlfriend. The last serious girlfriend was model Alyssa Miller. Do Jake’s girlfriends have to pass the Greta test? Do Greta’s boyfriends have to pass the Jake test?