Special K* Popcorn Chips Festival Pop-Up Celeb #1: Miles Teller

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TIFF is coming and we are thrilled to have Special K* on board to help us bring you carpet to carpet coverage all festival long. Expect the usual comprehensive photo call and premiere carpet coverage, reaction analysis, what it means for award season and, oh yeah, party gossip. Last year Zac Efron had his security clear out the bathroom so he could use it alone…at a party where it was ONLY celebrities. Like Paul Giamatti would have gotten in his way or something?

There are a lot of returning faces coming to the festival this year. Jennifer Aniston is coming back. Mark Ruffalo is coming back. Tom Hardy is on his way. And RDJ is opening. But a few young stars are also going to be making major moves at TIFF. In partnership with Special K* Popcorn Chips, we’re profiling these Pop up celebs and taking a closer look at what they’re bringing to the festival this year. 

Let’s start with Miles Teller.

It won’t be his first time. His first time was with Nicole Kidman. They were here for Rabbit Hole. I remember her talking about how he had it, predicting that Miles Teller was going to be the one. And now he’s back on his own, in a film that everyone is CRAZY about. And instead of acting opposite Granny’s freeze, he’s sparring with an electrifying JK Simmons.

The reviews for Whiplash have been amazing. And they’re saying that Teller’s performance establishes him as one of the best of his generation. Like, Efron may or may not be around in 10 years, but on talent and gift, Teller will still be delivering. Because after Whiplash, he’s still involved in the Divergent franchise and, oh yeah, he’s a proper superhero now. Teller is playing Mr Fantastic in the reboot of The Fantastic Four. He's probably the male version of Jennifer Lawrence. Agree or disagree? Discuss! And go see Whiplash if you can at TIFF.

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For more information on Special K* Popcorn Chips check out their main site here.  Happy Festival hopping!

Attached: Miles at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards in April.

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