And barefoot, as she makes history at the Canadian Screen Awards, winning three different CSAs, one for Best Actress – Film for The Other Half, acting in Orphan Black (her fourth statue in a row for the role), and another for producing the show. Orphan Black was named Best TV Drama. Still, it didn’t seem like she was expecting to go three for three. In fact, she started the night off in a very emotional state, and told etalk host Ben Mulroney she was on the “verge of tears” because of the bittersweet night ahead. So when the wins came pouring in, she did what she could to keep it together. It was quite endearing.

Orphan Black is currently in production on its final episode of its fifth (and final) season, and this morning, she’s shooting the final scenes for the character Cosima. She was sporting one of Cosima’s tattoos on her arm, too.

As you can see, Tatiana took the stage barefoot when Orphan Black won big at the end of the night. She refused to accept the full credit for the show, and shrugged off co-creator Graeme Manson’s attempt to give her the trophy on-stage:

For her, the night appeared to be all about teamwork and her Clone Club family. After her three wins, Tatiana did her backstage interviews with the whole crew, and when we told her she was making Canadian history, she laughed it off and told us to fact check it. She wanted to make sure the cast got some extra love. And yes, her agent was carrying her floral heels during our lounge interview. She was in great spirits too – eating a pop tart, and laughing with the cast.

Check out the top left corner:


So proud of our weird little family. (Face&hairs by @kristinwayne❤) #cloneclub

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That’s the best way to celebrate the beginning of the end, right?


And if you’re wondering why her boyfriend — and The Other Half co-star — Tom Cullen was not with her (or throwing candy at her, like in years past), it’s because he’s busy shooting his new BBC series, Gunpowder

That didn’t stop him from giving her a shout out on Twitter:

Or her from dubbing him her “other half” in her first acceptance speech (around 1:42):

“Finally, my Tom… my ‘other half.’ You are electric and fearless and generous, and the kindness you bring to set is inspiring, and the bravery in your work is what I think of every day when I go to set, and every day my whole life. You’re my whole heart.”

Tatiana also spent a great deal of time catching up with her Cas & Dylan director Jason Priestley. Hours later, she gave him a huge hug after he presented her with her second trophy. You can see them schmoozing in the background of our Christopher Plummer interview here:


Cas & Dylan is the road trip buddy comedy (with Richard Dreyfus) she shot in the early days of Orphan Black. Once Orphan Black wraps, she’ll start promoting the final season before its June release, and after that, it’ll be time to promote her new film Stronger, opposite Jake Gyllenhaal. Tatiana is the reigning Best Actress Emmy award winner but will not be defending her title as her performance will not be eligible by Emmy submission deadlines and by then, by 2018, the TV Academy will have other, more recent, performances to focus on. So, you could say then that this year is the Orphan Black final flight before we watch the next phase of Tatiana’s career.