Well I guess this is how it works with Taylor Swift -- any time she shows up somewhere with a new guy, they must be dating. This new guy is called Tom Odell, a British musician. They met at the BRIT Awards earlier this week. Last night they hit up a pub and then the Groucho Club. (Can you picture Taylor Swift throwing back a pint?)

It’s understandable, being in London, on Harry Styles’s territory, why Taylor would want some company. That, however, will only fuel the speculation that she only dates people on the fake, for promotional purposes. And Tom Odell would certainly benefit from the strategic association, if that indeed is what it is.

As for Taylor, this is much better than cryptic heartbreak tweets and maybe English accents. Never, ever dwell, right? Wave it away and move on. It’s how I always say you should spend your 20s -- with variety, without permanence. It doesn’t have to be love every single time.