Taylor Swift stepped out yesterday in New York in plaid, flats, and a cross-body and it’s the perfect outfit for “what to wear to class on a fall day”, the only minor issue being the size of the bag. I wonder if that’s how Taylor approaches her wardrobe choices, which is not unlike how some of us might as well. Do I want to look like I’m walking around campus? Do I want to look like I’m meeting up with my friends on a Friday night at the pub? Do I want to look like I’m one of the characters in Friends, one of six, walking down a cobblestone path? In my mind, when I do this, it’s always in slow-motion. Taylor always has slow-motion face. Like a good face. When she’s papped it’s like she’s always aware that the frame can be slowed down. Reality for her actually IS, as Jay Z said, living life as a video.

Anyway, in other Taylor news, according to TMZ she and that guy she dated before Tom Hiddleston are friends again because they’re texting. They’ve not seen each other and they haven’t talked. So it doesn’t mean they’re getting back together, just that they might not hate each other anymore.

Also her best friend Karlie Kloss hangs out with Princess Beatrice.


my wedding date 😘

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Gossip Genie, is this a sign? A sign for what I’ve been gossip-rubbing for for 3 years? Can Princess Beatrice via Karlie Kloss make Taylor + Prince Hot Harry happen?