Busy weekend in Hollywood. Halloween parties all over the place. Katy Perry went to several of them. Maybe that’s why Taylor Swift went to none of them? Taylor’s been pretty quiet since going to Drake’s birthday party last week. And Halloween can be a good diversion.

So here’s the speculation: Tom Hiddleston apparently wrapped on Thor 3 in Australia a few days ago. He was not at the wrap party, but neither were Chris Hemsworth or other major members of the cast. But you know how Taylor’s fans track her plane? Well according to them (thanks for all your emails!) Taylor flew from LA to NYC on Friday night/Saturday and then the plane went to London, landing at Stansted airport. Which is also where her plane landed when she and Tom Hiddleston went to visit his family back in the summer. Typically when Taylor goes to London she uses Luton airport.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

She hasn’t been seen. There have been no sightings on social media. If she was there, whatever she was doing, she was able to lock it down. IF. It’s all an IF. But a couple of weeks ago in a post about Tom I wondered if a rebirth was possible, after he was finished working overseas. So if you’re one of those who’s not quite convinced that it was over, I imagine you might be interested. The plane left England today back to the US. So, regardless of whether or not she was actually in London and why, by tonight, we may get an idea of how Taylor does Halloween.