Would you like to have dinner with the Brady bunch?

When you set the table in your mind, do not include wine glasses or bread plates or butter knives. Because you will not be needing any of that to enjoy a meal with Tom Brady.

Tom and Gisele Bundchen often speak about their tight diet – he’s one of the world’s most elite athletes and she’s a supermodel, so they obviously aren’t gorging on Tom Hiddleston’s famous bolognese every night. They eat clean – 80/20 (80% grains and veggies, 20% lean proteins). Organic, gluten-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free and a minimum of nightshades (tomatoes, eggplants). It really is not that different from many recommended meal plans – Hayley posted an Oscar prep that is similar to this. Goop has tons of cleanse recipes that cut out all of the bad stuff, too.

So after winning ANOTHER Super Bowl he's set to launch a new business partnership – yes, it’s meal service. Eat like Tom, minus the supermodel companionship. He’s partnered with Purple Carrot on plant-based meals that have no dairy, eggs, sugar, meat, seafood or processed foods. Ultra clean, which Tom says helps him stay on top of his game.

But why a meal plan when there are already so many? Remember when Beyoncé and Jay Z’s long-winded trainer set up 22 Days Nutrition? Eat like Beyoncé! Except… do you know anyone on this plan? After the first batch of lifestyle blogs tried the service, hype quickly died down. People want Beyoncé’s Kale sweatshirt, but they don’t exactly want to eat her kale.

I feel like the meal-plan thing is something trainers – who have the full attention of their celebrity clients for multiple hours a day – can really push as a great idea, when maybe it’s not. There are a lot of reasons these plans are not sustainable for everyday life but a major one is that they are cost prohibitive. It’s hard to maintain the discipline to eat in such a restrictive manner (unless you are specifically training/prepping for something). It also makes entertaining and eating out with friends difficult. Many reviews of 22 Days Nutrition noted that there was a lack of fresh veggies and fruit, probably because of packaging/delivery restrictions. Mostly, these plans are completely counterintuitive to being a food person – there is no cooking or meal prep, no grocery shopping, no using the kitchen. Some people enjoy that part of it.

Or maybe I’m just full of excuses? I know I’m not Tom’s target market and I would definitely not cut it in the Brady household, but having a chickpea wrap delivered to my door is not a lifestyle choice I’m excited about. And that’s what Tom is trying to sell us – a slice of his winning life.

But will he be winning on the first Monday in May? He and Gisele are set to co-chair the Met Gala. Do you think they are wondering how their fit bodies will be complemented by Comme des Garçons? Did you see the latest show? Not exactly figure hugging. They could eat a piece of bread, if they wanted to.