Last Thursday, when Judge Berman overturned the NFL’s decision to suspend Tom Brady for four games, I wondered when/if we’d get something gloaty from Gisele Bundchen. Click here for a refresher. She delivered on Saturday. It’s a photo posted to her Instagram of Tom playing soccer with their daughter Vivian.


and my heart melts ...#biggestlove #family❤️❤️❤️ e meu coração se derrete #amormaior #família

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It’s gloaty but trying not to be accused of being gloaty. Perfection has been restored. The couple who has everything continues to have everything. The Patriots begin their season on Thursday. In advance of the game, Tom’s talking to the local media and he told official Patriots radio this morning, when asked about the rumours that he and Gisele are in trouble, that they’re fine:

Considering that that radio station has a close relationship with the Red Sox and the Patriots, they’re not asking questions that wouldn’t be welcome. They couldn’t risk it. They probably vetted it through Patriots PR first and Tom likely would have known it was coming – so he wanted to answer the question, he felt confident in answering the question.

And why not? The brand is intact. They won, again. Always.