Hamilton. Broadway’s darling. Duana’s darling. I swear not a day goes by when I don’t get some kind of tweet about Hamilton from her. Everyone’s been to Hamilton. And last night, Tom Cruise was at Hamilton.

Check him out, accompanied by his son Connor, hanging out with Lin-Manuel Miranda after the show. They all seem pretty excited to meet him. That’s the thing about Tom Cruise, you know? I mean online especially, with all the Xenu weirdness, it’s one thing. But out in the world, even within the industry, he shows up and it’s like a visiting dignitary. Nostalgia is powerful. Top Gun still hasn’t expired.

So. Is Tom Cruise spending Christmas in New York City? Katie Holmes lives in New York City with Suri, although she’s been known to spend the holidays at home in Ohio. But if ever there was a window for him to see his daughter, this might be it.