The premiere of Edge Of Tomorrow happened in London today at around 6:30am local. Man, I would be so pissed if I had to get up at ass in the morning to cover that carpet. The reason it started so early is because Tom’s doing press in 3 cities, starting in London, Paris later, and then ending in New York. It’s a lot of energy. It’s a lot of effort. Is it worth it? Does Tom Cruise’s city-hopping make you want to see the movie more or less? Will it pay off?

It’s a Tom Cruise thing to do, totally. And it used to work, totally. It worked in the early 2000s. It worked before the Oprah couch jump. It worked before the internet supposedly ruined him. I wrote about that yesterday. Click here for a refresher. Many of you sent over Tony Ortega’s rebuttal to that LA Weekly article. Ortega argued that to blame the couch incident is bulllsh-t, because it’s Tom’s involvement with scientology and that video with the Mission Impossible soundtrack – remember that? – that really exposed his inside freak and turned us off. You can click here to read that.

Here’s another theory: as many of you pointed out yesterday, maybe it’s because he just doesn’t look like that good anymore. Age. Oh age. Age will bring them all down.

They forgave Chris Brown really, really quickly – so many of them – and you know why? It’s because he’s goodlooking. If Chris Brown had been ugly AND beaten on Rihanna, he wouldn’t have gone on to win a Grammy and sell millions of records, I guarantee you. And if Tom Cruise looked the way he did in 2000? I wonder. I wonder if they would still say he’s “ruined”. Which, by the way, he’s far from “ruined”. He’s a major star overseas. There will be people willing to throw money at him for a long, long time. Those people still pretend he has the face he did in Jerry Maguire.