Been thinking about this all morning. Because a new trailer for Edge Of Tomorrow has been released and my reaction was … Oh yeah, Tom Cruise.

It’s been MONTHS since we’ve seen Tom Cruise. If Tom Cruise wants to, he can certainly disappear. What is Tom Cruise doing?

Edge Of Tomorrow is a major summer movie. And while he might to try to play it off, it’s a big deal for him. He needs it. And he’s been …missing. Probably strategically. And that’s not a bad move. Except if you go missing, you’re hoping that people will miss you, right?

And I don’t know if I miss him.

If I don’t know if I miss him, does that mean I don’t miss him? If I don’t miss him, that’s a problem. I’m a gossip blogger. My business is to miss him. But there are so many others keeping me busy that I wonder if I need Tom Cruise to keep me busy anymore. You?