Swoki remains a top headline in Australia. Tom Hiddleston went for another run today and, this time, managed to restrain himself from turning his training session into a press conference. He’s also apparently reported to work on the set of Thor: Ragnarok.

Taylor, meanwhile, has kept a much lower profile in comparison. If she’s working out, the paps aren’t getting shots of it. And the paps did not get shots of her visiting Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital today.

Click here for more pictures of Taylor hanging out with young patients, something she does regularly whether she’s in a new famewhorey relationship or not. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to successfully navigate fame. Lately we’ve seen Justin Bieber struggle with it, struggle with the weight of all that expectation and adoration. No, it’s not the same as working in a coal mine. But it’s a different kind of crushing sensation. And some of them shoulder it messily while others, fewer, shoulder it really well.

That also applies to the way Taylor might be handling the scrutiny. And that might explain why her relationship, this one in particular, looks the way it does in that she’s not running for the trash can when photographers and fans are around. What’s amazing is that she’s found someone who also doesn’t run for the trash cans and, instead, runs straight towards the cameras.

In other Taylor news, she’s topped the Forbes list of highest paid celebrities with $170 earned in the last 12 months. Last year she ranked lower than Katy Perry but it’s because Katy was the one who was touring in 2014 and Taylor was the one touring in 2015. That’s the f-cker of it. The touring. The money is in the touring – or Vegas, if that’s an option – and not all of them are like Taylor who can handle the touring without a burnout. See, again, Justin Bieber. 

PS. A quick note about all your emails re: the breasts? I thought we covered this three years ago

PPS. A quick note about all the talk re: Tom recycling his workout clothes. Madonna used to say if she wore the same thing they wouldn’t want to take her picture so much. Which… is ABSURD in this case. Like he would actually not want his picture taken so much.