A new trailer for Tom Hiddleston’s next film, High Rise, came out yesterday and it expands on the previous glimpse of Nearly Naked Sunbathing Tom Hiddleston with Nearly Naked Standing & Talking Tom Hiddleston. This is what I mean about this movie baiting the super enthusiastic internet fandom surrounding Hiddleston—how long am I going to have to spend on Tumblr before finding a GIF of Nearly Naked Tom Hiddleston? Point-two seconds? (Literally the first search result.) Have fun when this f*cked up movie comes out, Tumblr.

This trailer gives a little clue as to the plot, with overtones of class warfare and a struggle over the energy supply teased out. We get to see Luke Evans and Jeremy Irons in action, and Elisabeth Moss as well. It seems the lower floors want the same access as the higher floors. Like Snowpiercer, it’s not the most subtle metaphor, but subtle isn’t the only way to tell a story. I have yet to see a Ben Wheatley film—directed or produced by him—that goes the direction you think it’s going to go. High Rise is based on a book, so there’s a pre-determined story, but I’m sure Wheatley will still find a way to surprise.