On Sunday Tom Cruise was in Florida watching an NCAA women’s basketball game with son Connor. Click here for a refresher. Couple of days after that, TMZ reported that he hasn’t seen daughter Suri in almost a year. Click here for a refresher on that.

Last night Tom was photographed in London, leaving a production office. Always working. Work is the reason he’s cited in the past for not spending more time with family. But Going Clear has given everyone permission to get publicly suspicious about his devotion to Xenu. US Weekly has it as an inset on their cover this week, calling it an exclusive, with the headline:

Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology: "Scientologists Run Tom's Life"

The magazine cites a source who claims that “the Scientologists are obsessive, and he is brainwashed by them”.

There was a time when magazines would never dare to call the biggest movie star in the world “BRAINWASHED”. Maverick? Brainwashed? Ethan Hunt? He’s too badass to be brainwashed!?!

Nobody’s afraid of Tom Cruise anymore. Nobody’s been afraid of Tom Cruise since 2005. We all, however, are terrified of the people who’ve made Tom Cruise not terrifying.