Check out Zac Efron with Imogen Poots shooting Are We Officially Dating? He and his two boys vow not to get girlfriends and then, naturally, he falls in love, and, hold up, hold up...

She’s a Quirky Girl, isn’t she?

She’s what the internet has termed the Manic Pixie Dream Girl

She rides a bike and collects used cocktail napkins because every stain carries a memory. She likes to spin, for no reason, and when she does, a pile of leaves miraculously appears. She would cry if you bought her a new book and not a used one. Rhubarb is her favourite colour. Nostalgia is her favourite emotion.

Don’t judge a movie by its cover!

Maybe he won’t push her away, and regret it, and build a fort for her in Central Park after sending kite messengers to her apartment to bring her there.

If that’s the case, meh, I won’t be as interested in seeing it on a plane. Where a knot will form in my stomach the moment she walks in on him nuzzling a busty beer model. Which...there is no better knot in your stomach the moment she walks in on him nuzzling a busty beer model scene than the one in Veronica Mars Season 2. If this is your jam, you need to get on that show. Forget 90 minutes of it, this is 22 episodes. And Veronica, amazingly, isn’t a formula.