Adele is the host of this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, a surprise announcement to almost everyone when it was made after last week’s show. Of course that led to all kinds of speculation as to why Adele is hosting. She says it’s been a lifelong dream. But there are signs that her lifelong dream is being fulfilled to kick off her new album cycle. 

We’ll find out in 24 hours. In the meantime, are there more hints? 


Here’s the first promo for her upcoming SNL appearance – a photo of her looking over a script: 

I wish we could see what this outfit looks like standing up because I think I love it. I love the sleeves on this denim shirt-jacket. 

Next promo: a standard from-the-stage SNL promo video that was posted last night. Adele’s with musical guest H.E.R. and Kate McKinnon. 


I like that they’re wearing their masks, even though they’ve all probably been tested, multiple times, and obviously won’t be masked during the show tomorrow night but the point is that they’re promoting mask usage because … for f-ck’s sake… are we still debating this?!!

Anyway, since we all like to read into too many things, the three women joke about who actually is the musical guest and at one point, Adele says it’s her – which is intended to be part of the bit but if we’re all thinking about Adele + music, this only adds to the speculation for some people. 

But don’t let that be a distraction from what the priority is: a good show, a funny show. What have they written for Adele? What characters will she be playing? What will she say in the monologue? Will Jennifer Lawrence pop in for a cameo? They’re close. Adele’s in town. But it’s COVID times. You can’t just do a spontaneous fly-by anymore. Would JLaw go through all that trouble getting tested and etc to appear on SNL with Adele? I feel like… it’s possible?!