Yesterday I posted photos of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky out in New York at Barcade. There are two conversations coming out of these pictures, let’s start with the most WTF moment. Which is that at some point in the night, Rihanna and Rocky decided to go to a different club and she was carded and then turned away for not having ID. Which someone tweeted about…


And then there was corroborating video evidence. 

Rocky, to me, is like… seriously? You don’t recognise this face? You don’t know who this is? And of course Twitter comedy kicked in with some people all like, well, can you blame the dude? She hasn’t released an album in five years, LOL. But also, I mean, you do get the occasional bouncer who likes to flex his door power, although I suspect whoever the owner of this establishment was, when they found out the next day, might have been like, WHAT THE F-CK ARE YOU DOING?!


Here’s my favourite response to this though: 



Speaking of Drake though, the other thing people were noticing about Rihanna and Rocky’s night out is what was happening on her feet: 

It was almost five years ago, in 2016, when Rihanna spent time with Drake in Toronto and he took her for dinner at Ripley’s Aquarium and bought her a stuffed shark. Drake has a shark tattoo, on his arm. It is not known if he covered his but we know now that Rihanna’s erased it from her body and so, while they were on-off for a while, there have always been people who’ve wondered whether or not the switch would ever go “on” again and, well, she seems to have not just permanently set the switch to “off” but ripped the switch out of the wall. 

I wonder if Drake will be processing this, publicly. It’s not like he doesn’t get into his feelings. 

Attached – Rihanna shopping yesterday in NY making me want a varsity jacket with my initial on it. I initial all my sh-t, why don’t I already have one?