I mentioned last Friday in What Else? that it’s been a week since we’ve seen Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas stepped out together after weeks of stepping out together – walking dogs, getting donuts, spending time with his kids. Everything OK? Of course it is. I wondered in that post if they were out of town again. And it seems like they are. Or at least they were. 


Ben was spotted in Portugal this weekend. We know this from Instagram: 

Just in case that ends up getting deleted, here’s the screenshot: 

Ben Affleck on location in Portugal on Jan Zammit's Instagram

Jan Zammit is a model/photographer who was in Portugal for some kind of shoot directed by Emmanuel Cossu, according to his Instagram stories. Here’s a shot that he shared from the second day of filming – does this look like Ana? 

Photo shared by Director Emmanuel Cossu of possibly Ana de Armas shooting in Portugal

If that is Ana, it would seem as though Ben accompanied her for whatever it is she’s working on – perhaps a commercial? – and maybe they’re also extending the trip as a holiday. 

Not that you were worried but for those of you wondering about what’s going on and why we haven’t seen them, seems like it’s better than ever. He’s her plus one. 

Thanks Anna! 

Attached - Ben and Ana out in LA separately last week.