The dark side of the Force has been challenging my holiday spirit the last couple of days. But I’ve had an assist from an Angel and a Butterfly. Went to see Celine Dion on Tuesday night  and the Queen of All Feelings gave me all the feelings to sustain whatever comes our way. The Power of Love will sustain me. And the Vision of Love that is our Mimi will keep my heart filled with the joy of Christmas. Also, she brought reinforcements!

Alison Hammond is one of the most entertaining presenters in the UK. If you’re not familiar with her work, please enjoy the video below of Alison interviewing Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling a couple of years ago. Harrison Ford is not an easy interview. I’m not saying he’s Tommy Lee Jones or anything who is widely known as the most difficult interview but Harrison would rather be flying planes or making furniture than have to participate in a junket, you know? Same goes for Ryan Gosling. 

You wouldn’t be able to tell though when Alison is around. By the one minute mark, Harrison is throwing his head back with laughter. Harrison Ford! That’s all Alison, that’s how good she is at her job. 


So Alison, of course, because she is a woman who knows some things, loves Mariah Carey. And she was invited to interview the Butterfly in person in LA. She dressed for the occasion – and is immediately chastised, lovingly, by Mimi for wearing knockoff merch, LOLOLOL. It get worse from there, and by worse I mean better, even though some headlines are saying that Mimi wasn’t pleased. 


Mimi loves Alison. She even agrees to craft with Alison. And you know what’s amazing? Mimi is wearing GREEN!

Green is not usually a Mimi Christmas colour. For Mimi it’s red and white and the metallics but never green – and she’s wearing green! It’s not a forest green, mind you. And it’s a glitter green because plain green would never be up to her festive standard…but it’s green nonetheless. It’s a Christmas miracle! Alison did that!

Alison’s already conquered Harrison Ford. But can she make Mimi double over with laughter? The answer is yes. And it happens when Alison asks Mimi if she can sing a Christmas song that she wrote for. Mimi’s response, “I would have you keep it to yourself”. 

I’m dead. 

Alison sang it anyway. And Mimi gave her a songwriting tip. And then invited Alison to spend Christmas with her, sort of. 

Watch this. It’s pure joy.