I have often said that the universe must be a gossip. And a shady one. Because the timing of celebrity itself is so f-cking gossipy, it’s amazing. 

Yesterday we got a first look at Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. While Brad’s working on yet another possibly problematic Quentin Tarantino movie then, today Angelina Jolie stepped out in London at St Paul’s Cathedral to mark the 200th anniversary of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George. What’s the connection? In 2014, Her Majesty the Queen presented Angelina with the insignia of an Honorary Dame Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George. You may recall this photo:


So Angelina was there this morning to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Order that SHE BELONGS TO. And she wore a very similar outfit. The fabric and the neckline are different but the cut and the colour are almost the same. Like she was doing our homework for us, reminding us of the association. 

The Queen was supposed to be at the service today but she’s not feeling well. Those in attendance got their star fix though – check out Angelina getting mobbed in church: 


She looks pretty great, non? This face is STILL such a face:


Angelina was there with her good friend Arminka Helic, a member of the House of Lords who has consulted on special projects with former British Foreign Secretary William Hague. Angelina and Arminka have known each other since the time Angelina worked on In the Land of Blood and Honey. You’ll remember, in June of 2016, three months before World War Brange, I mentioned Arminka in a post about possible tension between Angelina and Brad. It was Arminka and another advisor, Chloe Dalton, who were with Angelina in the days following the announcement that Brange was broken. At the time, I’d heard that Brad wasn’t close with Arminka and Chloe, suggesting that he was resentful of the time that Angelina was spending with them. Last year Arminka was named one of London’s Most Influential people (on the same list as Meghan Markle) for her work with refugees. So, clearly, she and Angelina are still tight. And I wonder, going forward, what other connections the two will bridge together. And what those connections will mean for where Angelina will be based.