I posted last week about Rihanna at a recording studio and over the last few days she returned to the studio a couple more times with A$AP Rocky which …well… you know how her Navy is about these things so, unsurprisingly, #RihannaIsComing started trending over the weekend.  

But then came the jokes, because everyone has been expecting Rihanna and R9 to arrive for a long time now and… they just keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  


Is this time really going to be any different?  

I did hear a wild online theory about Rihanna and her music though. Apparently this is some random chatter that’s been happening on social media about her voice. There are some people who think that she’s lost her voice and so for whatever new music she’ll release in the future, they’re trying to pull from her old recordings to cobble together something fresh. Like the Weekend at Bernie’s of vocal recordings.  

As I said, it’s a wild rumour. But we live in the time of crazy conspiracy theories and this is just the latest. For the record, I think this is absurd and no, I do not believe Rihanna’s lost her voice; and I do believe that when she decides she wants to sing again that it will be her singing and in real time. That said, when the time comes, even where Rihanna is concerned, there will be people with tin foil hats running around out there.