Anya Taylor-Joy is one of pop culture’s biggest sensations so, of course, it makes sense that she’s being offered brand ambassadorships. Here she is in New York yesterday shooting a campaign with Alton Mason for Tiffany & Co. Can we just talk about Alton Mason? Because, my GOD, he is beautiful. 


Alton is one of the top male models working today and in 2019 became the first Black male model to walk a Chanel show as prior to his death, Karl Lagerfeld seemed to have declared Alton his new muse. 

Tiffany, then, is featuring to major stars in their own right who, as you can see, look glorious together.


Also attaching shots of Anya today going for coffee, looking like she could still be on a photoshoot. Right? This is an outfit that came out of an ad in a magazine.

I’m still getting used to her hair colour though – because of The Queen’s Gambit, the Anya Taylor-Joy in my mind is a redhead. It’s a testament to what a great job they did with the hair and makeup on that series. Interestingly, did you know that Beth Harmon in the book had brown hair? It was hair and makeup artist Daniel Parker who recommended it after reading the script. He saw the character as a “feisty redhead” and then he took that to the director who agreed. Then when he presented that idea to Anya, asking her what she thought, she said, “What do you mean? Of course she’s a redhead.’” Daniel was surprised that he got buy-in so easily, telling Vogue that, “It was quite unusual. Sometimes, you have to fight for these things.” 

What I love about this story is that it tells you so much about the work of the hair and makeup artists in film and television. They don’t just show up with their brushes to blowdry hair and apply eyeliner – they start work before shooting even begins, they help create characters and their work, their artistry, serves the story. They are a vital part of the storytelling process.