Oh, so THIS is how this breakup is going to go. That was my first thought when I saw that Ariana Grande had tweeted (indirectly but very obviously) about Pete Davidson after a new Saturday Night Live promo dropped poking fun at their quickie engagement. 

It’s the “0 for 3” isn’t it? That’s what put Ariana over the edge if I had to guess. Because “0 for 3” lumps her in with two other women, even if one was a joke, and makes what they had less special. It makes their Fast Flame seem a little less bright in hindsight, right? After the promo dropped, Ariana tweeted and then deleted this: 


“For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh.”

Shots. Fired. 

Also, shout out to Lainey for essentially saying the same thing about Pete months ago when the engagement was first announced. Pete complained about his privacy throughout their relationship and yet, he never stopped joking about it (mostly very poorly) on SNL or on Howard Stern. It makes sense that he’s joking about it now that he’s back at SNL and, you know, since telling jokes is his job, but it doesn’t make the wound any less fresh for Ariana. Remember she’s been through a lot. She’s still mourning Mac Miller and she’s going through a breakup. Imagine scrolling through your Twitter feed so see your ex-fiancé flippantly fake-proposing to another woman to turn your engagement into a punchline? That’s a very specific scenario that I hope I am never in but I imagine I’d be hurt. Sure, Pete has a job to do and I’m sure the bosses at SNL are encouraging Ariana jokes but it still feels a bit cruel. 

If the above tweet isn’t enough to convince you that Ariana was subtweeting Pete, she also wrote…


…and liked this tweet. So, this isn’t a conscious uncoupling. There is animosity here. The same passion that lead to their Fast Flames is probably going to carry over into their breakup. I mean, it’s GREAT for gossip but I worry if it’s the best thing for Ariana. She’s been through so much. I just want a break for her! 

Ariana Grande is probably not going to get a break from Pete Davidson’s SNL jokes. Now that all this attention is on a couple of promos, do you think they’re going to ignore this on Saturday? Or is it just going to get much worse?