It was just over a week ago that news broke that Ariana Grande had married Dalton Gomez in a secret ceremony at her home with just about 20 guests in attendance. Ariana is a major superstar and while COVID protocols have certainly made it easier in some respects for celebrities to go about their business without people finding out, Hollywood is still a big mouth town – so when a celebrity of Ariana’s status is able to pull something like this off, without TMZ up in her business, it’s definitely a certain kind of achievement.


Then again, during the pandemic, Ariana has not been one of those celebrities who was all up in our faces, like nothing had changed. She was vocal about everyone staying the f-ck home during quarantine. And even when things opened up last summer in LA (before locking back up again months later), she wasn’t constantly out for dinner, she wasn’t papped at the salon, she wasn’t flying here and there on private jets for holidays, or if she did we didn’t know about it; instead she worked on her album, positions, and she stayed mostly underground. So when Cody covered Ariana’s wedding news last week, he wondered whether or not she would even share any photos or moments from her wedding. And he wondered whether or not Ariana wore white, or if she opted for a different wedding colour, which is a trend these days. 

Well, turns out she did wear white. And she did share. 


Vogue has all the details - Ariana wore white Vera Wang, after a conversation with Vera at the Met Gala a couple of years ago, when Vera promised that she’d design a wedding dress for her when she was ready. This is a perfect look for a relatively low-key wedding. Ariana and Dalton had always wanted to do it at home, and not make it a “show” but a private celebration, which is clearly reflected in the design. Nothing about this dress says it needs a stage, although it’s gorgeous and perfect for both the setting and the bride. Same goes for her bubble veil, very Ariana Grande, and that bow is so her personality too. It’s the balancing of the bow and the sexiness of the low back that captures her style vibe. 

The tone of these shots is interesting to me too, like everything’s been muted. There’s nothing glossy about these wedding photos. Nothing to suggest that any staging has been done. Everything is really pretty, of course, with the flowers hanging from the ceiling and the candles on the floor, but we’re also not, like, seeing any spectacular scenery, not at the level of celebrity lavishness which we’ve seen before. Which speaks to, again, the intimacy of the wedding in that the day wasn’t meant for an audience.